Onic Limitless Plan

Unleash Connectivity with the Limitless Plan: 200GB Data, Unlimited Calls, and More!

Introducing the Onic Limitless Plan, a powerhouse of connectivity designed to meet the demands of the digital age. With an abundance of data, unlimited calls, and a plethora of SMS, this plan offers an unparalleled mobile experience.

Package Details:

Data Extravaganza:

  • 200GB Data: Immerse yourself in the digital world with a whopping 200GB high-speed data allowance. From streaming to downloads, experience limitless possibilities.

Voice Unbound:

  • Unlimited Calls: Break free from call limitations with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls. Stay connected effortlessly, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Messaging Unlimited:

  • 10,000 SMS: Express yourself without constraints with 10,000 SMS included in the plan. Keep the conversation going with friends and family.


  • 30 Days: The Limitless Plan ensures a month-long connectivity extravaganza, providing uninterrupted services for all your communication needs.

Lightning-Fast Connectivity:

  • 4G Connectivity: Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with 4G connectivity, ensuring a smooth and lag-free online experience.

Data Rollover:

  • Don’t let unused data go to waste. The Limitless Plan comes with data rollover, allowing you to carry forward unused data to the next month.

Unmatched Value, Unprecedented Features!

Price: Rs. 1990

Experience limitless connectivity with the Onic Limitless Plan, available at an attractive price of Rs. 1990.

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