Jazz Cash


 What is jazz cash? 

Jazz cash, formerly known as Mobicash, is a Pakistani mobile wallet payment & branchless banking's services provider. 


               It was in 2012 as mobicash  by Mobilink (now Jazz) in partnership with their subsidiary bank Mobilink  

Microfinance bank. In 2016 mobicash was renamed as  

Jazz cash. In 2020 jazz cash partnered with Payoneer to provide freelancers with a solution that would allow them to withdraw funds from their Payoneer account through their jazz cash wallet. 


Jazz cash bank account. (bachat account) 

Jazz cash is pleased to introduce bachat account for its valued mobile account customers through which can earn profit every day. Subscribing the bachat plan is easy & completely free. Customers can select any plan. 


        Terms & conditions 

Customers need to have a minimum balance in their account-based selected to avail the daily profit. 

However, I can use the balance for transactions at any time. 

20% of WHT will be applied on profit posted in the account 

Profit will not be posted in suspend account  


  Zakat process 

The balance in customers' mobile accounts will be applicable for zakat deduction. 

Customers' mobile accounts can submit the zakat declaration form (CZ - 60) at their nearest jazz franchise, business center & Mobilink microfinance bank branch. 

To locate the nearest franchise business center & WMBL branch. The account holder should clearly write his/her branchless account number on the front of a copy of CZ-50 being submitted under his / her signature.CZ-50 of account claiming zakat exemption must be received at touchpoints before 1st Shaban ul Moazzam.CZ-50 received after 1st Shaban ul Moazzam will not be entertained for the current year. However, if an account is opened after 1st Shaban ul Moazzam the zakat declaration may be obtained by opening the account & conditions of thirty days preceding the valuation do not apply. Scanned copies of the CZ-50 with customers' mobile accounts can be submitted to bbcr@Mobilinkbank.com as well. 


Cash Deposit in Jazz Cash

You can easily deposit cash into your mobile account absolutely free of cost from any Jazz Cash agents, Jazz Business centers, jazz Franchises, and Mobilink Microfinance Bank Branches. To deposit cash into your mobile account. just provide your mobile number and cash to the agent

Benefits of jazz cash

. balance campaign by saving a minimal balance we reward you with free airtime. 

. Money transfer. Experience the convenience of transferring money like never before... 

. Invite & Earn. Get instant prize cash just by inviting you to a jazz cash account. 

. international remittance. 

. 100% cashback campaign    



 What is TID in Jazz Cash 

Automatic & instant payment: your bill is paid in real-time through our jazz cash bill payment system & a unique transaction id which is proof of bill payment. 

Ready cash in jazz cash 

Ready cash is an instant & convenient way for jazz cash mobile customers to avail short-term instant loans of small denominations. Ready cash services will instantly credit loans in your mobile account allowing you to utilize the amount instantly to meet your short-term loan requirement. 


Which is better jazz cash or easy paisa 

Moreover, apart from the volume & popularity. Jazz cash offers you more services for example:  paying bills, bank transfers, debit cards &, etc. With the ease of use, ease of access you can find widely available jazz checkpoints across the country so jazz cash seems to be better than easy paisa comparatively.     

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